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The Primary Purpose of the www.BibleResearcher.com Web Site

The "Fellowship with GOD" class. The main purpose of the www.BibleResearcher.com web site is to make available "working notes" and preliminary articles on biblical topics that I have developed over the past ten years while preparing the "Fellowship with GOD" class. An example is the outline for my teaching presented on April 3, 2005, titled "Our Heavenly Father's Great Healing Power." (This article can also be accessed by clicking on the "Healing" button near the upper left side of the front page of this web site.)

I am currently in the process of publishing on the "Fellowship with GOD" web site the contents of the "Fellowship with GOD: How to Walk and Talk with the CREATOR of the Heavens and the Earth" class. Here is some basic information about that class.

Fellowship with GOD

How to Walk and Talk with the CREATOR of the Heavens and the Earth

The "Fellowship with GOD" class teaches who GOD is and how to have fellowship with GOD. It presents what the Bible says about the CREATOR of the heavens and the earth, his proper name "Yahweh," his Son Jesus, his gift of holy spirit, and why both GOD, the Father, and the lamb of GOD, Jesus Christ, are called "Lord." Through careful Bible study, the "Fellowship with GOD" class also presents what the Holy Bible says about angels, heaven, the devil and his evil spirits, and how to become and live effectively as a Christian.

Fellowship with GOD begins with the first verse in the Bible, Genesis 1:1, which states that GOD (Hebrew: elohim) created the heavens and the earth. The class challenges people to decide: do we believe what the Holy Bible says in that very first verse or not. If we decide that we do believe that GOD exists and that He created the heavens and the earth, then we can move on to learning that GOD is a real, living, spiritual being and that He can talk with human beings--through the Bible, through his Son Jesus, through angels, through prophets, through dreams, and through other means.

Fellowship with GOD continues by presenting the will of GOD from the Bible. It especially focuses on showing that the words "(the) LORD" in the Old Testament of most English Bibles are actually the one Hebrew word yhwh (often written "YHWH" or "YHVH")--approximately transliterated and pronounced as "Yahweh" ("yah-way") in English. This Hebrew word (Strong's #'s 03068 and 03069) occurs more than 6,800 times in the Hebrew Old Testament [see the Blue Letter Bible (http://www.BlueLetterBible.org)], more than twice as often as the main Hebrew word translated "God" (Hebrew: elohim). It is actually the proper name (or "personal name") of GOD, the CREATOR.

Fellowship with GOD discusses what Yahweh, the living GOD, had revealed in the Bible about His Son, the lamb of GOD, Jesus the "anointed" one. [Both the Hebrew word represented in English as "Messiah" and the Greek word represented in English as "Christ" mean "anointed (one)." See John 1:41 and 4:25 (NIV), where both words are used together.] The class discusses the will of GOD relating to the birth and life of Jesus Christ. It also reports that the Holy Bible says that GOD raised His Son Jesus from the dead, that Jesus Christ showed himself alive for forty days on earth after GOD raised him from the dead, that Jesus then ascended to heaven, and that GOD seated him at his (i.e., GOD's) own right hand.

Fellowship with GOD also discusses how the Bible came into existence, and how even a little understanding of the languages and manuscripts from which the books of the Bible were eventually translated into English can play an important role in having fellowship with GOD. The class presents basic information about the Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek languages relevant to the Holy Bible; the early tablets, scrolls, and printed texts which came before our modern Bibles; and how understanding seemingly minor matters like spelling, punctuation, and grammar can shed tremendous light on having fellowship with GOD.

Fellowship with GOD presents what GOD has revealed about his gift of holy spirit in the Bible. The key Hebrew and Greek words for "spirit"--ruach and pneuma, respectively--are discussed on a basic level to show how important translation and context are in understanding this important topic relating to having fellowship with GOD.

Fellowship with GOD also discusses what the Holy Bible says about words and concepts such as "Christian", "born again," salvation, and conversion so that students can be very clear on what Yahweh accomplished for people through his Son, Jesus Christ, including the sealing of children of GOD with holy spirit beginning on Pentecost (Acts 2). Fellowship with GOD also discusses what GOD has revealed in the Bible about the renewed mind, the Christian walk, the role of the (good) angels of GOD, and how to resist our adversary, the devil, and his evil spirits.

The "Fellowship with GOD" class is hosted by God's Way Ministry, Inc., A Christian Church. It is comprised of 12 sessions, with four 28-minute segments in each session. The class will be available for viewing in its entirety at the "Fellowship with GOD" web site by December 31, 2007. (Some of the class is already published in preliminary form on that web site.) Detailed background material from the "Fellowship with GOD" class will be available eventually on the Who Yahweh Is web site.

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